I have held a camera in my hand for a very long time! Starting off as a hobby I am now lucky to be able to turn filming passion into a career. It’s CRAZY!!

I (Benjamin) starting traveling at a very young age, discovering our planet and learning about many amazing cultures/people and seeing some spectacular sceneries. Throughout, building a crazy imagination and starting to see the world in a different perspective!

I’m still extremely grateful of the experience and it has definitely shaped the way I create commercial films today. Realising that the video isn’t all about the beautiful shots but rather about showcasing a lifestyle, happiness, friendship, jealousy or sadness… It should make you feel something!

Coming back to the Sunshine Coast I truly fell in love with cinematography and videography. Creating something that showcases a small part of our world and connecting people through emotions via my edits.

Each and every one of our commercials / advertisements / marketing campaigns / promos are all aimed at provoking an emotion into the viewer therefore, engaging with them in a stronger manner.


With a true passion for creating a compelling and effective video!

I hope to have the pleasure of working with you and showcasing why I love videography and creating marketing content!

And with the team at AOV Films we got you covered for all sizes of projects!

Benjamin director of AOV Films on set at a wedding
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