When it comes to deciding if you want to hire a professional for a commercial you should ask yourself what will this video achieve! Who is this video for and will it benefit your company?

If you think a video will benefit your company then I would love to have a chat and see how I can achieve this goal with you!

Here at AOV Films we create more than just video’s we create results! Commercials that will benefit and expand your brand, reach a greater audience and give you a return on your investment and makes you excited!!! A film that provokes an emotion in you and the viewers. We also make this process easy and fun! We take our time to fully understand the nature of your company and what you hope to achieve through the production of your video. Working hard to identify the special qualities of your company and bring them to attention in the video we produce.


Absolutely love creating campaign films! I have worked with Tourism Noosa to create the Unearthed Episode with Bree Warren and love the combination of commercial style filming with slight documentary techniques. In order to achieve a Campaign that really conveys your message a-lot of pre-production is required. With Large projects like this we charge on a single price system. Therefore, you the client can be put at ease knowing that we don’t throw any surprise extra costs on-top. If you are interested in creating a campaign for your companies or have already started the planning process AOV Films is your best team for you. We are passionate and extremely driven! We don’t take ok as a result we take epic!

EVENTS / WEDDINGS /Social Media Content

 We shoot and work with countless companies for educational tutorials, Gym workouts, music videos, weddings, social media content, etc… We have the skills to do it all and shoot your company / brand to the next level!


Want your wedding captured by commercial videographer… A wedding film that truly lives up to the name ‘film’. A beautifully captured video of your amazing day!